Have you noticed that your new Flat Screen TV doesn’t deliver sound the way your old CRT TV used to? You’re not imagining this, there are reasons for this…

Because we want our TVs to be as thin and with as little bezel (the frame around the screen) as possible, there’s nowhere to put speakers on the front of the screen, so manufacturers have to put them on the back. Improvements are being made in this area, but it’s nowhere near as good as an external sound system.

How Flat Screen TVs and sound have evolved

The old CRT TVs had a lot more room for speakers. It was also much more common to see big entertainment centers with large speakers. That’s no longer the case with flat screen TVs. Manufacturers are constantly making their TVs thinner and the bezels smaller. This has forced the speakers into the back or the bottom, making them very tiny in the process. The problem is speakers need to be bigger to produce decent sound, and it doesn’t help that they’re often facing down or away from you.

CZ Electronics has put a lot of effort and thought into the design of their Flat screen TVs, however, if you don’t have the benefit of a CZ Flat screen TV, there is a solution to get some decent sound out of your TV. The best solution at the moment is to invest in a Sound Bar.

The biggest advantage with any of these speakers is that the sound is actually pointing towards you. They also have larger and higher quality drivers which produce better sound. Many speaker systems even come with a subwoofer, adding much more bass than you would ever get with your TV. Subwoofers also enhance the lower frequency sounds which is ideal for movies or gaming.

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