You have spent your hard-earned money on a LCD (LED) or OLED flat screen TV and you would like to maintain it and look after it. There are specific do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking care of your LED/OLED screen TV.

1. Read The Manual

TVs include instruction manuals. Read the manual for any care instructions that are specific to your TV. Failing that, you can do the following…

2. Switch off/cool down

LED/OLED screens tend to heat up when in use. Switch off your TV and let the screen cool down before attempting to clean it.

3. Use a micro-fibre cloth.

LED/OLED screens are very susceptible to scratching, so a soft micro-fibre cloth is most suitable to wipe your screen with. Wipe in circular motions. This should usually do the trick. Avoid any abrasive materials.

4. Damp, not wet.

If there are stubborn dirt issues on your screen that simply wiping can’t take care of, you can use a damp cloth. Never use a wet cloth.

3. Avoid solvents and chemicals.

Unlike the old tube TV, your LED/OLED screen is not made from glass so never use any cleaner that contains solvents or harmful chemicals like benzene, alcohol or ammonia.

4. Highly diluted dishwashing liquid

For stubborn dirt on your screen you may use highly diluted dishwashing liquid on a micro-fibre cloth. Again, never use a wet cloth, but a damp one.

5. Never spray directly onto the screen

Never spray cleaner directly onto your screen. Always spray onto a cloth and then only wipe your screen clean.

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