There’s some kind of magic that goes with the feeling of pulling a DVD off the shelf and popping it into your DVD player. DVD collections are built up with love and care over many years, and we turn to our favourites like family for comfort – especially in trying times like these.

There are different types of DVD connoisseurs. Some love their collection of blockbusters. Others watch their boxes of series over and over again. Then, there are those who have invested great sums unearthing disks from their favourite musical artists. What kind of DVD viewer are you?

The binger

These DVD collectors may have watched all six seasons of Lost more than once, even though they’re still not sure about the ending. This is a viewer who loves nothing better than picking up those dusty box sets from the shelf and reliving the pleasure of their favourite shows, episode-after-episode, time and time again.

The binger doesn’t necessarily have to do it alone either. In fact, if there’s someone to share the couch with while they binge watch all 10 seasons of Friends again, all the better. Friends is a good example in this case, because that’s exactly what those much-loved box sets are to this collector.

The muso

Whether it’s the pristine digital audio of the Eagles: Hell Freezes Over or the bold urban beats of Old Skool Hip Hop Greatest Hits, this discerning DVD viewer has searched the world for the finest concert and music video collections available.

They like nothing better than sitting back, making sure the speakers on their sound system or DVD hi-fi are placed at just the right angle and reclining in their favourite chair as they absorb the crystal clear visuals and Dolby Digital sound from their favourite artists. Music is this viewer’s life, and the music DVD collection always has pride of place at the top of the shelf.

The movie buff

This viewer will tell you at length why they prefer Quentin Tarantino’s pre-grindhouse movies to his later efforts. They know the difference between Spielberg and Lucas and can recite the script of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope in its entirety.

They never run out of popcorn and love inviting friends over to binge on trilogies like The Lord of the Rings and The Godfather. They may pause the movie at certain moments, to share interesting trivia about the stars or the making of the film, and they have strong feelings about who their favourite director is.

Press play with AIM

Do any of those sound familiar? You or someone you know probably fits into one of those categories. One thing they all have in common is their love for the DVD collections that have brought so much joy over the years. So, press play on your AIM DVD player or DVD micro-hi-fi and enjoy, whatever your DVD pleasure may be.

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