Working from home is more common now than it’s ever been. The home office has become far more than just a halfway house where you pop open your laptop and quickly type an email, finish a proposal or fill in a spreadsheet.

For many, it is now a full-time base of operations, and will be until the nationwide lockdown comes to an end. And if your home office is going to be where you spend most of your day, every day, setting up an effective and comfortable workspace will keep your productivity levels at their best.

Take a seat

While going out an buying an ergonomic office chair is ideal, it’s not always viable, particularly if working from home is a temporary arrangement. But sitting comfortably and maintaining good posture is extremely important, both in the short and the long-term.

If you sit incorrectly for prolonged periods of time, shoulder, neck and back pain are bound to develop in the short-term, and more serious back problems in the long-term. If you are working from your couch or dining room, it’s important to focus on your posture and make yourself as comfortable while working as possible.

Boost your computer’s sound

If you have set up a permanent office space at home, you can get more “Boom” out of it by using multimedia speakers to boost your computer’s sound.

AIM 2.1-channel multimedia speakers can fit comfortably onto your desk but the free-standing subwoofer packs a surprising amount of bass punch; plus the two satellite speakers bring clarity and volume to anything you play off your computer. Connection takes seconds, with either an auxiliary cable or wireless Bluetooth pairing. 

See things more clearly

If you feel like you have to squint to see your laptop screen, you could always consider getting something that’s a bit easier to look at all day. AIM TVs have built-in HDMI ports, which allow you to use them as computer monitors, too.

Your average computer screen is about 15 inches (38cm) in screen size. AIM’s smallest screen is 32 inches (81cm). The 32” screen is ideal for any office space and will put an end to that eye strain caused by all that squinting.

AIM for a better workspace

AIM audio-visual and electronic products are designed to enhance your life at work and at play, while remaining affordable and accessible to all South Africans. AIM helps you make your home office feel more like your own with all the comforts of work and none of the traffic problems.

AIM is for South Africans, by South Africans, and AIM products are exclusively available at Pick n Pay stores, nationwide. Browse AIM’s selection of products online to find out more.


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