At CZ Electronics, the manufacturers of AIM for Pick n Pay stores, there is always something new in the pipeline. AIM products keep up with the times so that South Africans always have access to the latest in innovative technology standards, at prices they can afford.

In a previous blog, we covered two exciting new additions to the AIM TV family – the AIM 43-inch Full HD Frameless TV and the bigger UHD 58-inch model, coming soon. So, now that your screen is sorted, how about adding some quality sound to the mix, with the new AIM two-channel or 2.1-channel sound bar?

Raising the (sound) bar

Sound bars are an effective and good looking alternative to bulky hi-fi systems that take up a lot of space. Modern living has seen many people downsize to smaller properties, making space a valuable commodity and clutter a real pain. Sound bars solve the clutter problem, in that they’re streamlined and compact, but still offer big sound.

The AIM Audio Sound Bar 2.0 is just the right fit to enhance your TV sound – and up the decibels by quite a bit. After all, now that you have a great HD TV, why not have epic sound to match? The two-channel sound bar convincingly creates a wall of sound that brings movies to life and gives music extra clarity and volume.

Breaking the sound barrier

One step up from the two-channel version is the AIM Audio Sound Bar 2.1 With Sub-Woofer. And no, when we say “woofer”, we aren’t referring to anyone’s dog. A sub-woofer is a non-directional speaker that only produces low-frequency sounds – i.e. thumping bass.

So, where the two-channel version gives you great volume and clarity, the 2.1-channel version will get your heart beating that little bit faster, in time with your tunes of choice or with those big explosions in the big screen movies you’re watching.

Sub-woofers are a must for blockbuster movies, beat-heavy music and immersive gaming that puts you right in the middle of the action and ambience. And because bass in non-directional, it’ll feel like the sound is coming from all around you.

Can you hear it?

AIM has a variety of TV and sound options to bring your entertainment, gaming and music to life through high-definition audio and video. And since everybody is spending more time at home at the moment, home entertainment just makes a whole lot more sense.

Look out for more exciting new AIM products coming soon. AIM products are exclusively available at Pick n Pay storesthroughout South Africa, and all customer service and support is provided locally, for extra peace of mind.

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AIM TV Review

AIM TV Review 


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