CZ Electronics, the manufacturers of AIM for Pick n Pay stores, are always innovating, to keep AIM products fresh and ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. And with this ongoing development of products through research & development, based on what South African customers want, AIM will be adding two new TVs to their range soon.

Go frameless

The new AIM 43-inch Full HD Frameless TV is the perfect screen size for most South African homes. It delivers striking, visuals in high definition and slick, minimalist frameless design that fits seamlessly into any room, no matter what your taste may be.

Gather round the ample screen for family movie nights, romantic date nights or bingeworthy series, or catch every moment of the game in glorious HD. This affordable set is easily wall mountable and can even be turned into a talking Android smart TV when paired with the Elsys Smarty Android TV Dongle.

Get more screen for less

The AIM 58-inch Ultra-HD TV is about to take your home viewing to the next level. You can finally get the benefit of Ultra-High Definition on a big screen TV, but at a price that won’t break the bank. And at three inches bigger than AIM’s 55-inch model, this UHD TV gives you that little bit extra.

Ultra-HD brings you brighter colours, sharper edges and minimal lag at stunning 3840 x 2160-pixel resolution. With this bigger, better screen, you’re in for a truly cinematic experience, which is especially valuable in a time when we are all being encouraged to stay at home during the various levels of lockdown.

Put the popcorn on, grab the remote and settle in for your newly invigorated home cinema festival with the AIM 58” UHD TV.

Get the screen that’s the right for your life

AIM HD, HD Ready and UHD TVs come in a variety of sizes to suit any lifestyle. And AIM continues to develop new TV, audio and electronic solutions that are specifically designed for the South African people – manufactured for and by South Africans and supporting local job creation.

Look out for more new products coming soon, including the new 2-channel and 2.1-channel soundbars, to be featured in our next blog. AIM products are exclusively available at Pick n Pay stores throughout South Africa, and all customer service and support is provided locally, for extra peace of mind.

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AIM TV Review

AIM TV Review 


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  • Johan Steinberg 11th Jan 2021

    Hi, is the AIM 58" UHD TV a "smart TV?


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