A lot of the magic happens with the people behind the products we stock. The story behind AIM’s technology is one that may come as a surprise. AIM TV’s are manufactured by CZ Electronics, www.czelectronics.co.za founded in 1998. If you have visited a Pick n Pay store, there’s a good chance you have come across an AIM TV or sound product.

Next time you visit Pick n Pay’s audio visual and electronics section, know that CZ Electronics is working towards creating opportunities to support local manufacturers and investing extensively in plants and machinery to produce products that are 100% South African. The AIM products you see on our shelves are 100% locally made and for the most part, are assembled by women. In fact, the majority of CZ’s 300 strong workforce is made up of women. 

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The Pick Local brand endorses goods and services of small local producers, suppliers and service providers in South Africa who demonstrate a commitment to creating jobs in South Africa, are B-BBEE compliant, and ensure that their raw materials are produced or manufactured, assembled or packaged in South Africa.

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AIM TV Review

AIM TV Review 


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  • Donovan 26th Aug 2020

    Value for your money

  • Stringo 19th Oct 2020

    How do I update the software of my smart tv?


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