CZ Electronics manufactures and distributes AIM products exclusively for Pick n Pay stores nationwide. You won’t find the AIM brand anywhere else. Every AIM product is carefully assembled right here in South Africa and is part of a manufacturing process that has been perfected over the last two decades.


In the beginning…

From Bluetooth clock radios to 75” smart TVs, every product’s lifecycle begins with thorough research. CZ Electronics conducts their comprehensive research and development stage, which includes an overall assessment of the local market and exactly what kinds of products they are looking for.

AIM is made for South Africans, by South Africans. And this is one of the unique differentiators between AIM and other brands. AIM products are tailored, down to component level, to add value exclusively for the South African consumer.


Putting it together

Once the product concept has come to life in the minds of the R & D team, CZ gets in touch with their global network of suppliers and strategic partners, to source the best components, technology and material.

Once discussions are finalised with multiple suppliers, CZ places orders and the components set sail for South Africa, ultimately landing at the CZ factory in Gauteng. That’s when the fun begins and CZ’s skilled workforce – mostly made up of black women – turns the components into the product, using the latest, most efficient machines and assembly techniques.

And a product is born! But that isn’t the end of the process. Before it’s ready to go to the shelf, it undergoes CZ’s world-renowned quality and testing procedures. This ensures the highest quality possible. Only then are AIM products sent to Pick n pay stores.


We AIM high

CZ Electronics maintains the highest possible quality standards, and this is reflected in the company culture, both internally and externally. CZ Electronics is a truly South African company that is proud to be associated with one of South Africa’s foremost retail giants, Pick n Pay. And we do our best to ensure that AIM products stay true to Pick n Pay’s quality promise.


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