AIM sound options are the perfect antidotes to long days at work and gloomy weather. And for the month of December at AIM, we are celebrating sound and rhythm with AIM audio, because we know that South Africa likes to move to their favourite music.

With that, here’s a look at the selection of sound available from AIM at your nearest Pick n Pay Hypermarket.

2.1 Ch. Multimedia speaker with Bluetooth CZ200

Discover the power of 2.1. Feel the bass in your bones and stream your favourite sounds from your favourite device – no strings (or wires) attached. This compact but powerful system connects to your choice of device, via Bluetooth, USB and auxiliary input, dropping an impressive 10W RMS on the sub-woofer and 5W x 2 on the satellite speakers – more than enough to get you jamming.

2.1 Ch. Multimedia speaker with Bluetooth CZ201

Connect your life to the sounds you love and feel the bass coming from all around you, powered by a sub-woofer with an extra kick. Top it all off with crystal clear mid-range and treble from the slick satellite speakers. Connect the way you want – via Bluetooth, USB and more and feel the power of 3000W peak Music Power Output (PMPO).

Audio Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker

Time your life and live it to your favourite music via Bluetooth, memory card, radio or audio cable. Never miss a moment with the Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker. This compact device is just the right fit for a bedroom table and allows you to take calls via Bluetooth. You can plug in a memory card, tune in the radio, or connect with an audio cable.

CD Portable Boom Box

Carry your music with you, wherever you go. And play it your way – on disk, via Bluetooth, cable or radio. This is where your sound comes to life – wherever you may be. It operates via both mains and battery, so it’s perfect to take on holiday with you, too.

Micro DVD Hi-Fi with Bluetooth

It’s dynamite in a small package – where smooth, attractive design meets killer sound and visuals, in an all-round explosion of quality and features. Great sound and visuals will keep you moving, and you can play a variety of formats, including DVDs, Mp3, Bluetooth, FM radio and a variety of digital video formats.

2.0 Channel Sound Bar

Surround yourself with an immersive experience – for blockbusting music, movies and more. Connect your world to the two-channel sound bar – any way you like – and change your perception of entertainment forever. Boost your home entertainment cred with enhanced video sound and HDMI, Bluetooth and auxiliary connectivity.

 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

Connect your world and discover the deeply powerful bass kick, complemented by stereo that surrounds you, bringing movies and music to life. It’s the sound bar with an upgrade that really suits the AIM audio movement. The added sub-woofer delivers deep bass so you can really feel the music.

Are you ready to move?

AIM TV and sound options have been moving South Africa for years. And we invite all AIM fans to join the movement this month, as we head closer to the end-of-the-year celebrations.

Find your AIM products at Pick n Pay stores throughout the country. All AIM products are manufactured and distributed by CZ Electronics, a truly South African company and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

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  • Sharon 13th Jan 2021

    Hi my TV 50 inches smart TV aim glass broken lights and the sound was working now there's nothing wrong with the motherboard Itself can't you just send me pictures of the motherboards please and thank you for your reply


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