AIM TVs – currently the number one private label TV brand in South Africa – bring high-definition visuals to life. The range of AIM TVs are affordable, quality choices that bring the best in sports, entertainment and other media into your home or office. By adding the Elsys Smarty Android TV Dongle into the mix, you get a full Smart solution with access to a world of content and apps.

Smart TV made easy

Smart TV is all the rage. And with streaming sites like Netflix and YouTube surpassing terrestrial TV as the new standard, it’s no surprise that most people are looking for an all-in-one Smart TV solution that allows them to access their favourite online content and use the Smart TV as a central entertainment hub that is connected to the digital world.

But Smart TVs can come at a price. And not everyone can afford to dish out large amounts of money in these times, particularly with belts being tightened during lockdown. But there is a solution that is more affordable. And it is equally Smart and effective.

The Elsys Smarty Android TV Dongle can turn any TV with an HDMI port into a talking Android Smart TV. And one of the major differences between the pocket-sized Elsys Smarty Android TV Dongle and traditional Smart TV options is, unlike a TV with built-in Smart functionality, you can take your dongle anywhere – on holiday, to family and friends or any other place that has a non-Smart TV. Just plug it in and Smart TV is at your fingertips.

It not only enables Smart TV functionality, the Elsys Smarty Android TV Dongle also has Chromecast capability and access to all the Google Play store apps with one simple, plug and play solution.

Become an Android fandroid!

Imagine having access to all your favourite games, streaming sites, apps, music and more, all in one place and without having to pay a fortune. The Elsys Smarty Android TV Dongle has Bluetooth capability, so you can even connect game controllers, a keyboard or a mouse if you prefer more “desktop-like” functionality.

The Google Chromecast feature allows you to seamlessly stream content from your mobile device or computer wirelessly to your TV, so you can sit back and control what you’re watching or listening to from your cell phone, tablet or computer. And the Google Assistant feature also allows you to control your TV using simple voice commands.

Get Smart – anywhere, anytime!

AIM TVs and sound products are exclusively available at Pick n Pay Stores nationwide. And you’ll also easily spot the Elsys Smarty Android TV Dongle display at your local Pick n Pay. Smart TV doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Make it simple with the mobile, plug and play Elsys Smarty Android TV Dongle. Isn’t it time your TV got Smarter?

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