AIM TVs – LED takes the lead

AIM TVs bring high-definition visuals into your living room using the latest photocell LED technology. Many may not know what that means. So, to unpack that a bit more, we take a look at why LED technology is taking the lead in TV all over the world.

What is LED?

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”. In modern TV technology, it has surpassed previous incarnations of TV and mobile device manufacturing in terms quality due to its streamlined nature and capacity to deliver high-quality visuals. One of the precursors to LED TVs was plasma technology. Plasma was traditionally driven by supercharged neon and xenon cells of noble gases that gave off ultraviolet light, absorbing phosphors and emitting visible light as a picture. The downside of plasma was that it was more susceptible to “image fatigue” or burn. If a static display burned on the screen for too long, it would permanently burn into the screen. This is less-so with an LED display, which provides a clear HD or UHD image with less fatigue. LED TVs take a cue from LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology. But instead of using liquid crystal to generate the image, LED uses pixels consisting of LEDs. Each pixel is driven by three colours: red, green, and blue. The compact nature of LED technology allows manufacturers to streamline the thickness of the screen, while delivering a high-quality picture.

AIM – Keeping up with the times

AIM TVs, exclusively available at Pick n Pay Stores nationwide, have kept up with the times and trends, using the latest LED technology to deliver HD and UHD visuals in sleek, slim packages that can be mounted onto the wall or neatly perched on a TV stand, to fit in with any aesthetic. #pnpaim #aim #takeaim #SAsNo1TV

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