AIM’s range of quality audio visual & electronic products are made in South Africa, for South Africans, by South Africans. AIM is a proud Pick n Pay house brand and our products are exclusively available at Pick n Pay stores, country wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Control

Q. I would like to know the price of the TV remote.
A. Kindly visit your nearest Pick n Pay outlet with the relevant TV or remote model code for assistance. (e.g. CZ2155)

Q. I need to buy an AIM Standard Remote Control. Where can I do that?
A. All remotes are available from your nearest PnP Hyper or Supermarket. If you are unable to secure a unit at PnP, kindly feel free to contact the Manufacturer CZ Electronics directly on 087 097 0563, during office hours for assistance.

Q. My remote’s light is constantly flickering and I cannot use it.
A. Once you have replaced the batteries and problem persists, kindly visit your nearest PnP Hypermarket or Supermarket for a replacement remote.

Q. My bluetooth connector for my smart remote is not working, where can I purchase a replacement?
A. We do not sell Bluetooth Connectors individually, you would need to purchase a new remote that will come with a connector, for R299 excluding courier costs. Kindly contact our Technical Support on 087 097 0563 for prompt telephonic assistance.


Remote Compatibility

Universal/ Standard Remote Smart Remote
CZ1542 CZ1732
CZ1632 CZ1749
CZ1832 CZ1750
CZ1840 CZ1755
CZ1843 CZ1765
CZ1850 CZ2043
CZ1855 CZ2050
CZ1865 CZ2055
CZ1958 CZ2155



Q. Am I able to stream DSTV on my AIM device?
A. Yes, you are able to Stream Dstv on a SMART TV with Android version 7.0 via the DSTV NOW App (version 2.1.17) on your Aim TV set.

Q. I have just downloaded and logged into my DSTV Now App but I get a playback error message, what do I do?
A. Kindly contact our Technical Department to get you back to enjoying your device’s great features as soon as possible. Please contact our Technical Support team on 087 097 0563 during office hours.


Q. My Screen is damaged and needs to be repaired, where can I have this done?
A. The screen repair will cost you approximately 80% of the cost of the TV unit. You can contact our Technical Support team on 087 097 0563 for telephonic assistance.

Q. I just bought my AIM TV and there is no picture?
A. Please return your TV to the store purchased for an exchange should your TV still be within the warranty period.


Q. My soundbar is not working, what do I do?
A. Kindly ensure that the batteries are correctly inserted into your remote, and the soundbar is connected to your TV via audio cable.

Turn on the product, select the desired input source and enjoy the music.

Should the issue persist, kindly Email support@czelectronics.co.za or alternatively contact 087 097 0563 during office hours, to make a booking.

Q. Where can I obtain an operating manual?
A. You can download the manual here

Q. My mobile device cannot connect to the soundbar?
A. Using the remote-control unit, Select Bluetooth, using your mobile phone, Go to Bluetooth settings, Find the device, which is the model number of the product, for example, CZ100. Pair the device to CZ100. Select your music and enjoy.


Q. Why can’t my AIM TV access the internet even though I have internet in my home?
A. Your TV can be connected to the internet using the onboard Wi-Fi of Ethernet cable. Go to Wi-Fi settings, Connect to the network. Using the browser, conduct a speed test. This will enable you to check if you have internet speeds which will allow you to stream content such as Netflix and Showmax.


Q. How do I update the software on my AIM TV?
A. You can update your TV set, however, we have not generated an update as yet and will notify you once this is available.


Q. I am unable to download Netflix on my TV, what do I do?
A. If you have deleted Netflix, please go to your settings and conduct a factory reset.
Our Customer service department will gladly assist with this once you have shared your model number with us.

Q. My remote is not working on the Netflix App, although it works on Showmax?
A. To use Netflix you will need to enable the Air function on the Remote. Please press the mouse function once you have opened Netflix. If you have any issue, please contact the Technical Department on 087 097 0563 during office hours for assistance.

Q. Netflix is no longer playing on my AIM TV, I keep getting a “Stopped Playing” error.
A. Kindly contact our Technical Support team on 087 097 0563 for telephonic assistance.

Alarm Clock

Q. How do you use the Bluetooth Speaker option?
A: Follow these steps;
1. Go to settings
2. Tap on the Bluetooth option
3. Turn on Bluetooth
4. A list of available devices will appear.
5. If your speaker is not listed, press the button on your speaker that makes it discoverable- it’s often a button with a Bluetooth symbol on it.
6. On your mobile, select your speaker (it might be a random product number but should have the speakers brand name listed) and that’s it, you’re connected.

Q. Where do you find the Bluetooth?
A. The first button which is on your left side on the top, it is the letter M.
– Press it sequentially it will take you to Bluetooth.
– In case you want to change from Bluetooth to FM radio press the same button again.

Q. Does the clock use a lot of Data?
A. No, using Bluetooth doesn’t count as data usage. However, if you’re using an App that accesses data while using Bluetooth, you’ll use data through the App. For example, if you’re listening to music on the Pandora App with wireless Bluetooth speakers, you’ll be using data to access the App.

Q. Can one also connect the clock to the new cordless Telkom telephones?
A. Yes, you are able to connect to the cordless telephone.


Q. Where can I buy an AIM TV?
A. You can visit any PnP Hyper or Supermarket near you to purchase your new AIM TV, or you can visit PnP Online to order your TV online.



For troubleshooting, queries and AIM TV support, please feel free to contact us.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you